Friday, October 18, 2013

Where to find my writing...

ACCORDING to the excellent Freedom From Writing web resource one should regularly update people as to where they can find your writing, so I had a wee scan through where my writing has been hanging out of late.

Despite a few typos -I have had a gig review on the global (page views in excess of 1.2m) Metal Rules website for the Steve Vai gig in Belfast, and my review of Nine Inch Nails at Belsonic appeared on the Independent Voice webzine 31.

A few words about Bullet for My Valentine at Belsonic are on IV32 too.

As usual most of my music writing appears on my blog, which is also syndicated on Rockradioni and appears on my Wikinut page. Some artists actually believe what I write and have used material and quotations on their Facebook and Reverbnation pages...

My creative writing - that is my short stories appear on my Smashwords page for purchase (film options still available for some of these stories!).

The benefit of Smashwords is that if you meet the standards your stories then appear on other online e-story outlets such as iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Sony readers amongst others. (Kindle users at this time have to purchase/read sample from my Smashwords page to get it on your Kindle.)

After this time looking through where I have been published I took a little time flicking back through old clippings from my first jobs in journalism through to being the American Football correspondent for the now defunct Ireland's Saturday Night.

Doing so I came across my first published piece of creative writing, a short story that was carried by the BBC, a morality tale all about traffic...written before I was even 40 you can  read it here.

All in all not a bad output for a part-time hobby; maybe one day my freelance output will get bought and my creative stories will find a home (as said film options and TV options all still available)

If you want to share your freelance output, or hints and tips for aspiring writers (start writing is the main tip!) just drop your comment below and keep writing.

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