Monday, April 09, 2012

double spaces and Smashwords

WORKING through another story, musing on the problems of the world I came across a useful wee that can shave some time over your approval on Smashwords Premium List by a simple check: search your document for double spaces...

Smashwords 'epub' checker reads double spaces as if you have put a false indent into paragraph beginnings, something that can cause problems with certain e-readers.

Simply search through your document (ctrl+f) for double spaces and replace them with single spaces.

I'm currently about to do that with my story Justice Follows the Grave but even if you haven't got this done the story can still be viewed (and bought!) on Smashwords!

I found this out through a problem with my story Defender, which is now awaiting review for submission to the Premium List.

If any of you are novices to ebook publishing, please feel free to drop me a note if you want some basic hints, but Smashwords has lots of free advice, though it takes a small amount of time.

Now if anyone can help on using Photoshop Elements for cover design, or some advice on affliate process with Smashwords....

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